Virtual Gun Range

Training and Handling for all ages and experience levels

Introducing South Florida’s first interactive, virtual shooting range. Built within the walls of Coral Financial Jewelry & Pawn in Key Largo. We have remodeled the entire rear portion of our building to accommodate this state-of-the-art laser range. Bringing dry fire training to you, at a more affordable price than what you’d typically spend at a regular range with live fire.

While live-fire will always hold value, firearms training simulators (F.A.T.S.) are becoming the go-to training platform for all military and police personnel. And for good reason. The interactive and realistic scenarios develop real-world skills that cannot be practiced in a traditional gun range. And studies show that better muscle memory and shooting accuracy is developed with dry-fire training over that of live ammunition.

We have 1911’s, Glocks, and an AR-style rifle that are all recoil enabled. This means that upon pulling the trigger the weapon will ‘discharge’. There is an audible pop, slight recoil, and the action of the slide occurs as if a live round has been fired. But there is no projectile that leaves these weapons.

 It is all laser-activated, making it safer and cheaper than firing live rounds. This discharge has less intensity than that of live ammunition. Making it less stressful and intimidating to the beginner shooter. If you want to train with your personal firearm, we can accommodate that too. We can outfit your weapon with one of our lasers, making your gun compatible with our software. Now, it will not go ‘bang’ since your magazine would be unloaded, but it will still go ‘click’, representing a full pull of the trigger. Allowing you to develop the muscle memory you need to become a better shooter with the weapon you own.


The training potential is limitless in our simulated gun rangeSingle shooter or duel with a friend. We encourage quick draw drills to develop muscle memory. It is the first round fired that counts the most. Think you are already a great shot? Try some of our IPSIC courses and get on the Leader BoardWe have moving targets, changing targets, don’t shoot targets and, if you like just a good ol’ stationary target, we have that tooAll in a controlled, air-conditioned environment. And best of all, at the end of a day at our range, you don’t have to go home and clean your guns.