We gladly accept weapon transfers that you have purchased online from other retailers! We are registered FFL Dealers on websites such as, Palmetto State Armory, and, (just to name a few). Simply put us in touch with the Seller and we will provide them with everything they need to quickly complete the transaction.


Once your weapon has been shipped we should receive an email from the seller with tracking number information and estimated delivery time. On long guns, it is usually a 4 day shipping time, and on short guns, shipping is typically 2nd day air. Once here, we will log the weapon(s) into our books and give you a call that it has arrived. Then you can come by the shop at your leisure to pick up the weapon.


We charge a $25.00 transfer fee and an $8.00 call in fee for a total of $33.00 for the transaction; payable upon receipt. There is a $10.00 additional cost per firearm for a multiple weapons transaction. Also, we will have you fill out a 4473 Form and 'run" your background check through the appropriate channels. This all takes about 20 minutes on average; please allow time in your day when you come by.


Another thing to note, if you have not heard of the gun law changes that happened in March of 2018; there is now a 3-day hold on ALL firearms (now including long guns). If you have a Concealed Carry License or a Florida Hunter Safety Training Card this 3-day hold is waived and you can leave immediately with the weapon once your background check has cleared. If you do not hold either of these documents, then the legal 3-day hold applies. Please note, that Florida does not count weekends or holidays as part of this hold time. Example: Your weapon shows up on a Thursday. You come to the store on Friday, but do not possess either document, it would be Wednesday of the following week before we could release the weapon to you.


On the flip side, we can also ship weapons for you. If we sell you a weapon but you need it shipped to another location, we charge you for the weapon, tax, and a shipping fee. We will then get in contact with the FFL dealer of your choice in the area you wish to have the weapon shipped. Once we have the documents we need we will promptly get the package on the road. Then upon pick up at the destination location, that shop will charge whatever transfer fees and service charges they have set up as part of their own store policies. It is your responsibility as a buyer to be aware of those charges, as we do not have any control over the prices/policies of another shop.

Hopefully, this has answered all of your questions. If not, feel free to Contact Us with any additional thoughts and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.