A Pawn is a short term, collaterally backed loan. You bring us an item of value, we give you cash. Your item then gets stored for safekeeping (it's still yours). You then have 30 days term to repay the loan +20% service charge. There are no credit checks, there is no credit score penalty for late payments or defaults. And at 20%, borrowing via Pawn is often cheaper than a cash advance on a credit card. And, if you are not ready to redeem your pawned item at the end of the 30 days, no worries. You can simply pay the 20% service fee and extend the deal for another 30 days without the risk of losing your collateral.

Bicycle Service

After many years of stocking a display room of new bikes, we have decided to sell off our active inventory. We can still special order you a new bicycle if you want. We are also selling down our inventory of parts and accessories. All 30% off right now! We will still be performing service to customer's bikes as needed. And as parts are available. Sorry, no rentals or used bikes.

Watch Service

We do watch battery replacement for most watches. We will test your existing battery before just replacing it; to make sure that the battery is actually the problem. This method will also tell us if the regulator is failing in the watch. If we swap the battery and it goes dead in a couple of days, then the regulator is the bigger problem.


Food for thought

We can take a look at anything you wish to bring us and are happy to valuate whatever it is free of charge. Demographics dictate what moves better in our store. Gold, silver, higher-end fishing tackle, power tools, firearms, and some electronics are easier for us to resell than a snowblower.

Next Steps...

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